Q: I see that #CPOrlando is a hybrid conference. Does that mean that part of my panel or roundtable can be in person and part online?

A: No. While a session can be designated either in person or virtual, all participants must be in the same mode within a single session.


Q: Do all of the participants in my session need to register on the STARS repository that hosts the submissions process?

A. No. Only the submitter needs to register. Other participants can be added to a session using the green plus sign under Presenter Information.


Q: There is only one text box, but I am submitting a panel with a rationale and multiple abstracts. How do I submit?

A: Since the panel is one unit, compile the rationale and all the abstracts into the same text box, and all the bios into the second text box.


Q: Why does the submission process ask me to verify “that the Work has not been published elsewhere with the same content or in the same format,” and what does it mean?

A: This is an artifact of  using software that is designed for journals, but this is boilerplate we cannot change on our end. If you have presented related work at another conference, or are publishing a longer version of your presentation, that is okay and not in conflict with submitting to #CPOrlando.


Q: For a roundtable session, should we submit both the question and the responses?

A: Yes. This is analogous to submitting both individual abstracts and a panel rationale.


Q: Do I need to submit a full paper?

A: No, submissions will be evaluated based on abstracts.


Q: I noticed an error in my submission. What do I do?

A: If it is before the submission deadline, you can make any changes you need. Click the link in the confirmation email you got to go back to the submission site, and then use Revise Event at the top left of the screen.


Q: We’d like to advertise at #CPOrlando. How can we learn more about this?

A: Contact the conference organizers: mel.stanfill@ucf.edu and anastasia@ucf.edu.